Creating a Milestone

Milestones allow you to track your recovery progress privately or share it with others in their community.

To access the the milestones go to menu > my profile > milestones. 

  • Milestone - If there are multiple options, select the type of milestone you want to track - Recovery Milestone or Healing Milestone. 
  • Date - Select the date that your recovery or healing began. Your milestone will be posted and celebrated on minor/major milestones along your journey. You can see those milestone anniversaries here.  
  • Make Public? - Here you can choose if others on the app can see and celebrate your milestone with you. If you choose public, your milestone will be displayed on your profile and in the stream for other users to provide encouragement or celebrate your anniversaries. If you choose private, you will receive a congratulatory notification for anniversaries, but other users won't be notified of the milestone date.

*Note: Recovery birthdays are acknowledged at minor and major milestones along the recovery journey.

*Note: Recovery birthdays are calculated by counting the days between recovery date, up to but not including the current day. For example, if a recovery date is 4/1/18 and today is 4/1/19, the recovery counter will show 1 year, not 1 year and 1 day.

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