Asset Collection for App Build

Here's a list of the assets/information we need to build and deploy the app for iOS and Android:

  • App Name - The name of the app as seen on the user's device (this field is limited to 12 characters)
  • App Store Name - This name appears in the app store for Google Play and Apple. This field is limited to 30 characters.
  • App Icon - This image will appear on the user's device. We recommend file size of 1080x1080 px and in an .svg file format.

  • Splash Screen - This image will appear as the app loads. A square image on a solid color background is requested for this position. We recommend an .svg file. For a sample splash screen click here.

  • App Logo - This image is displayed at the top of the app once it's opened. A horizontal logo is best suited for this position, as the height is limited to 150 px. We recommend an .svg file. 

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