Create a Resource for the Explore Library

The Explore resources section is a digital content library within the Shoutout app. Admins create Explore resources from the Dashboard section. 

To Create Explore Resources

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only)Content > Tap the green + New Entry button.
  • Select Resources from the drop down menu.
  • Complete the applicable fields.
  • Tap Save.       

When creating a resource you can assign it to the Category options like - Links, Books, Videos, Podcasts, Articles, or Featured. The "Home" category will place this resource on your members' For You page. A category is a required field with the option to select multiple.

If your app supports multiple teams, you can schedule content specific to each team by designating where it will Publish To.                     

Here's a listing of the types of content we support:

  • Native articles - Admins can copy and format text for articles they've created. This includes images and formatted text.
  • Videos - The system support native integration with YouTube and Vimeo videos. Just copy the URL to the video and we'll embed it into the app. 
  • Podcasts - The system supports native integration with SoundCloud. Just copy the URL and the Soundcloud player will be embedded into the article.
  • Links - Want to share a book or a link to a blog post you created? Just paste in the URL and we'll do the rest! 
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