Inviting Members

From the Invite a Member page, you can add new users to the app. 

  • Navigate to ? Menu > Invite a member.

When inviting a new member, you'll be prompted to complete the following information:

  • Email address (if you're inviting via email, enter the user's email address).
  • Phone Number (you should only invite via email or phone, not both).
  • External ID (if you wish to associated this user an electronic medical record ID, you can input it here).
  • Team (select which team this member should belong to). Occasionally someone may need to be a member of two teams. If so, you can check membership to multiple teams.
  • Role on team (select which role type this member should have). Information on roles can be found here.
  • Began treatment date.
  • Left treatment date (these can be used for timing automated survey cadences).

  • Once entered, the email or SMS will be sent to that address. Our system will send the first message immediately, then after 5 days if there has been no response, we'll send another (updated) message, and a final message after 7 additional days of no response.

Additional questions about inviting new members? Reach out to us at

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